Har-Ko Limited
Opintie 3, FIN-19600 Hartola, Finland

Tel. +358 10 830 2200


We specialise in the design, manufacture and marketing of production lines and machines for the parquet and plywood industries as well as for the furher processing of solid wood. Our area of particular expertise is wood bonding/gluing, where we exploit high frequency technology, developed and managed by our own company.

We highly respect our customers’ expertise. Our co-operation with our customers is based on our ability to listen, discuss and gather all the necessary information and experience for the realisation of the project in the most effective manner. Together with our customers, we are active and innovative in the development of new production methods.

All solutions, also complete production lines, are test run in our factory before delivery, to achieve risk-free and rapid production start-up.

Our aim is to be a technological leader in our operations and thus further strengthen our market position. In addition to our domestic market, our production lines have been delivered to other Nordic countries, Baltic countries, as well as to Russia and central Europe.